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illustrator, sims 4 cc creator

COMMISSIONS: 5 slots open

terms of service

♡ DISCLAIMER: All items will be released to the public within 3 weeks, as to obey Electronic Art’s Terms of Service.

♡ THESE ITEMS ARE NOT EXCLUSIVE TO YOU, and by commissioning, you are acknowledging that. When you commission, you are in agreement that these items will be available to the public within 3 weeks after they are released to you. This is to obey EA’s TOS that all early access content must be made available to the public within 3 weeks. You are free to distribute the CC to friends or others after they are released to the other Patrons. These CC pieces will never be locked behind permanent paywalls.

♡ You are simply paying me for the time, effort, and the type of CC I create for you. You are paying me to create a piece of CC I wouldn’t have created otherwise and you get full creative freedom for what you want the items to look like.

♡ After the item is completed and you have received the .package file, Tier 2 patrons will receive the items after 3 days, and then it will be released to the public after 4 additional days. You will have 100% proper credit for the idea of the CC.

♡ I do work best with visual references like pictures. However, I can work with descriptions, although it may take longer to figure out exactly what you want.

♡ I WILL NOT copy other creator’s CC, especially exclusive CC. I can take inspiration but there must be enough differences between the items. I would not feel comfortable releasing a copy item.

♡ We have a couple methods of communication - we can speak via email, Twitter DMs, Instagram, or Tumblr. My email address is [email protected] and this is ideally the fastest method of communication.

♡ Prices are in USD and are sent through PayPal invoices.

♡ I will not begin working on the commission until full payment has been sent. I do not do payment plans and full payment is due upfront.

♡ There are absolutely no refunds. please be 100% certain that you want to place an order.

♡ Commissions are worked on in order of placement. People who commission me first will receive their items first.

♡ Turn-around time is usually within 7-10 days. If I suspect it will take longer, I will let you know prior to payment.

♡ All CC will be HQ compatible.


Prices are a base. Complicated designs or designs that will take longer will be more expensive. Feel free to ask me for a quote!


$5.50 per pair - 24 EA Colors or 24 Customized Swatches (Palette Preferred) - Additional Swatches are $0.15 each


$6 per eyeshadow - 10 Custom Swatches - Additional Swatches are $0.15 each


$3.50 per blush - 10 Custom Swatches - Additional Swatches are $0.15 each


$4.50 per blush - 10 Custom Swatches - Additional Swatches are $0.15 each


$4.50 per lipstick - 10 Custom Swatches - Additional Swatches are $0.15 each


$4.50 per freckles - 4 variations with 4 opacities - Additional Swatches are $0.40 each

Other skin details

If you’d like any other skin detail options, feel free to message me and we can discuss pricing!


Will range from $2 (simple tattoos) to $15 (intricate, hand-drawn full body tattoos). Please message me for a quote!

Add another category

$2.50 per additional category


Bundle 5 or more items and get 10% off!